TN: 2020 Weingut Max Ferd. Richter Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett

The Mosel Fine Wines notes are spot on for this. Definitely not a declassified spätlese or auslese. Slate minerals and smoke initially on the nose, followed by white florals, lime peel, and a touch of honey. Slightly creamy when initially opening it from the fridge. As the wine warms up in the glass it gains focus and I’m struck by the juxtaposition of its light body and intensity of dry extract, complemented by shimmering acidity on the palate. Some flavors of underripe pear and peach come through with more air, but this wine is all about the effortless balance of florals, herbs, and minerality. Delicious juice. (93 pts.)

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Nice note. I loved the 2019 but haven’t popped a 2020. Im not sure there is a better white wine anywhere for $20 than Richter’s lineup of kabi and kabi trocken!

I prefer Richer’s Juffer, but the WS is no slouch.

The Brauneberger Juffer is what the estate is known for, but different soils than Wehlen or Graach. In 2020 he make a Kabinett Feinherb from Mülheimer Helenenkloster, I highly recommend it.

I have the 2020 Veldenzer Elisenberg Kabi and Spatlese on deck to try out sometime soon.

I eagerly await your notes! I almost never buy spats, but did buy the Elisenberg in 2020.


I agree - MFR produces consistently excellent Mosel Rieslings, and at prices that are so affordable. I’ve tried all three of these Kabs for 2020 and the Veldenzer Elisenberg was my favorite. Just a bit more depth and intensity. This was my note: “ Just smelling this makes my mouth water. Pear peach grapefruit on the nose; lime grapefruit honey on more of a feinherb off dry palate, a little silky in the mid-weight texture but a kind of light mineral water refreshing finish. Even a little tannin? Tart herbal creaminess on the finish. Really good with a little youthful complexity yet in no way overpowering. So tasty.”