TN: 2020 Sabelli-Frisch Syrah Harris Knowles Vineyard

2020 Sabelli-Frisch Syrah Harris Knowles Vineyard - USA, California, Central Valley, Lodi Mokelumne River (3/1/2023)
As other CT users have noted, this is young and primary. And it is very, very good. I popped and poured a glass, then about half the bottle into a decanter to follow over several hours. The fruit is obviously forward but I would not call it a fruit bomb. There's plenty of middle and back end.

It was perfect with cassoulet; would also be great with coq au vin and other rustic dishes. At the moment, there's a bit too much fruit pair with steak, at least for my palate.

Drink now or hold for a good long while. I wonder if this has the stones to go 21 years. If so, it would make a heckuva QPR birth year wine. (92 points)

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Thanks for the tasting note, Patrick!

Adam Frisch of Sabelli-Frisch stated in this thread post that the “Knowles Vineyard’s” Syrah vines were planted on their own roots in 1964:

"… It was smuggled in from Australian Shiraz clippings by a prominent local wine family and was, as far as I know, the first Syrah planting in the region (and probably one of the earlier ones in CA). Mokelumne River AVA has a lot of sandy soil, so own rooted vines tend to survive better there. Fields Family Wines used to make from the same vineyard, but called it the ‘Postage Stamp Vineyard’. It only produces 25 to 50 cases a year. Here’s a little video link on Instagram I made of it recently: "


You’re welcome @Drew_Goin, and thank you for your archivist qualities.

Whadya think, @Adam_Frisch? My buddy’s first child was born in 2020. Do you think the Harris Knowles will last that long?


Hard to tell. I think it has the acid for it, but does it have the tannins? Despite being a bit riper in 2020 compared to the 2019, it’s still on the slightly lighter side. But it certainly might.

Drew - my previous Insta got hacked and I had to shut it down and that video is not longer available (as it belonged to old account). I’ll see if I can repost video at some point.


@Adam_Frisch I only bought 2 of these. Will re-taste in a few month. It would be VERY cool if you made something with the longevity to rival La Rioja Alta and the like.


Let us know what you think when you re-test. The 2019 is starting to drink beautifully.


Opened the 2019 tonight. Pretty darn fantastic! Wish I had more. Very Syrah, but so delicate and silky. Freshness- like fresh crushed berry. Drinking now!