TN: 2020 Jean Foillard Morgon Cote de Py

This is truly one of the most drinkable wines. It’s like biting into a perfectly ripe cherry, some blueberries and lifted violets. Just a touch of smoke and earth. It’s luxurious on the palate, ripe and tending towards hedonistic. Just the merest hint of red lipstick. Really smart.


Big fan of the 2020 from Foillard! On first impressions, my favorite since 2016.

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Liking the '20 Corcelette too? Last I had was the '17s which left me underwhelmed.

Yes as I was drinking it was struggling to think of a recent vintage that I preferred as a young wine.

Didn’t try that yet. Given the prices are so similar, I stick to the Py.

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Cool to hear, the 2016s were gorgeous. Although, I’m still waiting on my order of the 3.14.

Reckon I received my '17 Pi last year.

Is it ironic that I find the Côte de Puy to be more transcendental than the 𝝅?

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That’s encouraging as the 19 is absolutely stellar.

What the 3.14 has to offer is more of everything. In many recent vintages, is that really an advantage? If Foillard release it, and they don’t always, it’s invariably a very good wine, but I can certainly understand preferring the regular bottling.

I feel that about the Cuvée Marcel Lapierre. I much prefer the SS.

Shhhhhhh, stop talking about Foillard. :wink:

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This wine consistently delivers

Ian, quite right, won’t happen again!

I wish it would deliver more often but getting quite difficult to procure here!

Drinking 2011 Corcelette tonight with some grilled hangar steaks…fantastic! This wine is just singing right now.

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Envoyer just emailed an offer on the 2020 Cote de Py for $36.99/bottle on pre-arrival, due Q4 2022. I snagged 6.

Also grabbed 6 of these last week and will pop one soon - it’s an every-year buy for me.

Thanks for the early impression!

I think my 2020/2021 vintage report publishes tomorrow, btw, if anyone is interested in impressions on 2021s…

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I tasted the Claude Desvignes 2021 in January and they were very good! Looking forward for your report :slight_smile:

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