TN: 2020 Extradimensional Wine Co. Yeah! Teleport Gris (Light Red) (USA, California)

  • 2020 Extradimensional Wine Co. Yeah! Teleport Gris (Light Red) - USA, California (4/1/2023)
    This was killer. I don't find it light to be honest, its a red and plan for it. Its not a Rose... light red... in the context, what does that really mean. Took little notes, was playing guitar with friends across the interwebz, lots of metal and Metallica. Color, couldn't tell you other than red, sorry, see above. Glass however, it is bright red fruit, cherries, some leather, and beautiful. Pure on the fruit, slight tart, not mouth watering "thonk", but you get it. Great bright finish of the same, very smooth, just lovely. I destroyed this bottle without even realizing, took scribblings on last glass as it was going, going, gone.

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Sorry for the dupe, the other post had this listed as flawed, could not edit, and it was not flawed. Had to be honest. PM’d the admins to make the other post go away.

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Thought it was an April Fool’s gag.

Metallica with Extradimensional…not exactly a combination I would expect, but Yeah!

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