TN: 2020 Extradimensional Wine Co. Yeah! Innervisions Red (USA, California)

Lively wine with layers of boysenberry, blackberry, blueberry and anise dancing on my tongue lifted by bright acidity and finished off by chewy tannins and a ”drink me” juiciness. Really likng this.

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Nice, Brian!
Almost opened one of these with some grilled chicken thighs on Wed night, but chickened-out (…groan…) worrying it might be a bigger wine.
What kinds of food do you think it will pair well with?

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We drank it with burgers. Might be a bit much for chicken but that acidity… maybe bbq chicken.


Thank you, Brian! This is a burger wine for sure!

Tom- I think Brian’s suggestion of BBQ chicken is right on with this. If you want to do a lighter prep of marinated grilled chicken, I think the Barbdawg is the best fit.


Thanks for the check-in, Brian. I’ve not had this one yet, but all of the Yeah! wines for me thus far have had the “drink me Juiciness” you note. Really tasty wines.

Brian, beat me to it with a nice tasting note and totally agree, fantastic burger (and more) wine!

One of these days I have to catch up on some notes lol.


We really enjoyed this wine last night with an awesome Shoyu chicken recipe (from Merriman’s Hawaii) that my wife said was a “must make”.

Wine was an excellent match. Ripe, juicy raspberry, red plum, dried herbs along with hints of ginger and blood orange. Good acidity keeps this very fresh and lively. Modest tannins are in balance with the fruit and acidity.
Virtually all of Hardy’s wines are versatile with food (which we love) and the 2020 Extradimensional Innervisions Red Wine proves that and then some! Decanted for 45 minutes this was ready to go from the first pour.

Shoyu Chicken (Merriman’s


Thanks so much, Tom! That sounds like a great pairing!

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