TN 2020 Chacra Mainque Chardonnay

Curious as to the board’s thoughts on Chacra as a producer, and Patagonia as an emerging region. I was mightily impressed with this intro level bottling. Here is my tasting note:

Oh gosh, this is good. My first wine from this producer (and Patagonia overall). On the nose: lemon custard, golden berries, key lime, roux, crushed stones. In the mouth: focused acidity, lean body, the wine zings right down the center of the palate. Flavors of candied lemon, limeade, a fruit flavor that is a bit richer but tough for me to name (quince?). Everything harmonizes. There is a lovely chalky mineral character on the finish that tastes like Chablis.

What a fantastic wine. At $42 (from Woodland Hills) it is just spectacular. I very much want to try their Pinot bottling and higher end Chardonnay now. This could easily hold its own in a white Burgundy tasting along much more expensive wines. And this is still very young; I bet it will get even better with years in the bottle. I’m very impressed.

It also leads me to wonder what other marginal regions have great wines lurking under the radar. Climate change is, and will continue, to drastically alter which regions are best suited to growing wine grapes. Here we are with a fantastic Chardonnay coming out of Patagonia (!). Lafite is growing grapes in China, good stuff coming out of British Columbia in Canada, Touriga National and Albarino in Bordeaux…what’s next?!"