TN: 2020 Catherine et Pierre Breton Bourgueil Franc de Pied

2020 Catherine et Pierre Breton Bourgueil Franc de Pied - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Bourgueil (2/5/2023)
Dark in color, hint of chicken coop nose, then classic cool vintage cab franc, some green tobacco notes, matted decaying leaves; palate is classic, more rustic, somewhat lean, almost austere, unmistakably Loire; blueberry and dark raspberry fruit is quite reserved, hiding in a dark room, not wanting to come out and play, hints of bell pepper, green peppercorns. With air, acidity comes to the fore, a little prickly, adding a slightly sour edge, then lightly chalky tannins make an appearance, more green tobacco. A little difficult to enjoy this young, but I think has good potential to age into something quite nice for those whose preference lean in this direction. And gets better and better with air. If you want to try one now, several hours of air would be a good idea. Even then, it’s old school, pyrazine laden CF. (91 points)


You had me at bell pepper and pyrazines. :heart_eyes:

Thanks for taking one for the team on this.

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You had me at chicken coop and decaying leaves. :heart_eyes:


I’ve cracked a few '18 and '19 Loire reds, but nothing from '20 (various producers, but no Breoton). '18 was a hot mess, '19 showed some promise but nothing like this note. Sounds like I’ve got some investigating to do. If this bottling is indicative, '20 could be a vintage to load up on!

A 2010 bottle of this wine in 2018 has been one of my favorite Loire bottles ever consumed. I typically wait at least 5-8 years (and often much longer) before opening pretty much any Loire CF, but glad to know this bottle shows well in its early youth.

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Thanks for this note. I grabbed a bottle of this today to double-check my pyrazine sensitivity. I’m now confident confirming mine as low… the pyrazine just comes across as “background vegetal” (like in the Thivin where I concur with your note) but it’s a characteristic I enjoy.

I’m also happy to see this note, Alan—I may be able to get my hands on a bottle or two. Thanks for posting your thoughts.

Kwa Heri