TN: 2019 Schäfer-Fröhlich „Nahe“ Estate Riesling

2019 Schäfer-Fröhlich „Nahe“ Estate Riesling
Quite impressive quality for an Estate Riesling and underlines the perception that 2019 is a special vintage.

There is a charming fruit combined with balance and a vivid&ripe good integrated acidity which provides freshness and drinking pleasure. Besides you have the S-F hallmarks which is purity, focus, grip and minerality.

If you have a small budget, then buy this Riesling ( 9€ in Germany). If you’re looking for a good daily business Riesling, then buy this Riesling. If you’re a Sommelier and you’re looking for a Riesling to serve by glass, then buy this Riesling.

God bless America