TN - 2019 Oddero Barolo - a real gem

That was the reserva, I take it?

My notes (9/1/16): “What a nose! Deep, brooding, black cherries. Great concentration, great balance, very fresh. 94.”

I think that is the same wine. I don’t recall them making a regular and a riserva from Rionda in any vintage. I am also not certain what vintage they officially started designating it a riserva. That said, I could be wrong. It’s happened before.

It seems you liked the '04 Vigna Rionda quite a bit better than the '06. Did you actually like the '04, or was it just good in comparison with '06?

I ask because I have an '04 Luigi Oddero Vigna Rionda I got for a song.

Do you have any experience with the '04 Oddero Rocche?


I liked it but a Vigna Rionda in 04 should be fantastic not just really good. It’s a really good wine. I generally find their wines of that era lacking something special. Not necessarily bad but not what I would choose to drink.

Also as you likely know, the wines from 04 from both wineries are the same wine. They split up bottled inventory.

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Thanks Todd. I appreciate your thoughts!

Oddero is imported by several different importers in the US; our 2019 Brunate will arrive in November, shipping gods willing. Bear in mind they only make 2,000 bottles of it in an average vintage, so there isn’t much to go around.

Pietro from Oddero confirmed
‘Regarding the Barolo Classico 2018 in the blend there are the 3 vineyards we always use to produce this wine “Bricco Chiesa, Capalot and Bricco Fiasco” exceptionally in 2018 we added Villero, Rocche di Castiglione, Bussia and Monvigliero to the blend.’


Tasted the 2019 Classico earlier this evening. Very very nice wine. Red fruited, nice balance of tannins, fruit and acidity. With air, notes of herbs, forest floor and mushrooms develop. In our market this would be $60-$70. Fairly priced, not a bargain, but not unreasonable either.

Oddero Vigna Rionda has been released only as a Riserva since 2006, Pietro tells me.