TN: 2019 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc

  • 2019 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (1/23/2022)
    My partner loves this wine and it’s fun to engage with a vino I wouldn’t have thought to buy on my own. She calls it the ‘fruit basket’ wine, and that’s a pretty accurate description, loads of honeydew melon, cantaloupe, maybe even strawberries if you look for them. Just enough acid to make this work, and rich finish that comes from some well gauged oak. Went terrific with our shaved cauliflower topped with coconut turmeric relish appetizer. (92 pts.)

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Nice note Dale. Used to get this every vintage but have not tried one in five years. What is the current vintage pricing?

Thanks John - Bout $45 give or take a few bucks.

Fifteen years ago I loved this wine…three years tried it again and had a tough time getting through a glass…sweet, cloying, heavy. I think the Sauvignon Blanc clone…Sauvignon Musque, offers up distinctly fruity, floral aromatics and a rich, creamy mouth-feel that I find (in my own opinion) almost oppressive. I prefer Sancerre or even New Zealand examples.

Ditto. Use to love this wine back in the day…had the 19 recently and it was just too sweet for me.

Still solid in pricing. I think it was in the high $30s 5 or 6 years ago.


My wife loves this wine so I do buy it annually. I’m good with about a glass, maximum. I will say it pairs nicely with stone crab claws dipped it warm salted butter. A fave in the Alfert household.

My experience as well.

Interesting - I didn’t find it to sweet but then again, the relish was pretty assertive and had a nice sweet and spicy kick to it. Perhaps the pairing was ideal for this wine. Anyway, happy wife happy life as they say……

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Sounds like a great pairing!

This is my go to wine when my mother or sister come to visit. I always keep 2-3 bottles around. It doesn’t get drank more often than that, but I don’t mind it when we do pop one. Never more than a glass though

they actually have had this at my local Costco for the last couple of months for something like high $30s.

I’ve had access to this wine for the last decade at prices that have made it my house white. Well below anything posted. I go through at least 3-4 cases every year and more with friends. I drink it more than coke. It pairs well with everything I’ve ever tried from seafood to steak to pizza to wings to bagels and lox you name it. Everyone I’ve ever poured it for has loved it. It’s great on the beach, on the golf course, at the Padres game, at a tailgate, in a box and with a fox. I think my connection will pass soon and will miss drinking it so often but I’m sure the last time I had it on Wednesday night with a friend is far from the last time.

I can’t drink a second taste of NZ sauv blanc because all I get is grapefruit which I detest and most Napa SB’s are too grassy. Merry Is my HOF happiest White wine of all time

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