TN: 2019 Limerick Lane Grenache Winemaker's Folly Grenache

  • 2019 Limerick Lane Grenache Winemaker’s Folly Grenache - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (8/15/2021)
    Folly? Heck no. This is just fun. Bottled fun. Red fruit, fresh acidity and well managed alcohol. A couple of glasses in, and I am smiling and laughing. I’m not Grenache guy, but this is an enjoyable drink. Drink now and be happy.

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When did this release? Never saw the email. I bought the red and white folly last by year

This was from last year. I just got around to it now.

YOU were laughing?
Sounds delicious

Happens once in a rare while.

I haven’t tried any Limerick Lane wines since Chris Pittenger came on board as winemaker about three years ago. I need to remedy that - he’s a really talented winemaker, and I’ve enjoyed the wines from his own Gros Ventre label.