TN: 2019 Hofgut Falkenstein Krettnacher Euchariusberg Riesling Kabinett Alte Reben "Gisela" #8

A fine and complex aroma of chamomile, Tahitian lime, mint and slate. The palate is rich and dense, but focused and pure. The perfect amount of sweetness is countered by a fine line of minerally acidity. Beautifully balanced.


It’s a crazy good wine. flirtysmile

What is Tahitian lime?

Love Gisela so much.

Hi Brian,

It is a cross between a key lime and a lemon.


It’s a magical fruit.

#agentsofshield :wink:

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had this with x was dinner. A show stopper.

Thanks for sharing Jeremey. I still haven’t had Falkenstein yet, but have some in the cellar patiently waiting to be devoured.

The name of the wine is longer than the tasting note !

Too bad he didn’t list the entire AP number. [wink.gif]

Any ideas on where to find some at this late date in the US, preferably on the West Coast?

Thanks in advance!



I’ve been looking for two months. I opened up the only bottle I purchased back in December and thought I better get some more of this! But to no luck. I’ve looked everywhere and renewed an alert on wine searcher 3x already. If you find it let me know!