TN: 2018 Sandar & Hem Mindego Ridge Chardonnay

With Berserker Day fast approaching I figured I would take this one, from Berserker Days past, out for a spin. It did not disappoint. Absolutely delicious. Notes of lemon zest and chiffon, sun-baked stones, marzipan, oleander and jasmine. Great flintiness and lemon oil on the palate. Bright acids. Great food wine. 12.6% abv makes the wine light on its feet and easy to match with grilled fish. Winner and I will buy more next BD. Congrats!


Great timing for a great note!

Great wine and great folks. Looking forward to their offer!

I purchased last year. My head was up my arse with BD and then I saw their offer for Santa Cruz Chardonnay at the last minute.

What? Love everything SC.

Fantastic wines.

No brainer purchase if you have the choice. Top tier California Chardonnay, no question.

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As a Bates Ranch aficionado, I am excited to try their cab. But those usually take quite a while to come around, so I figured start wit the chard.

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I’ve been consistently excited about all their wines, and the pricing and availability are quite favorable so far.

Last time @brigcampbell and his lovely bride were over, we had 2018 Bates cab, 2019 Mindego pinot, and a Mindego chard (don’t remember the vintage, maybe ‘20).

They were all very good, but I think I was maybe most excited about the Bates Ranch cab. Obviously too young now but showed tremendous promise. Plus, finding good California cab in that style at those prices is quite rare now.

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I pulled a S&H chard to drink about a month ago, decided on something else, and have somehow completely misplaced the wine. I’ve been through my wine bottle by bottle multiple times and nothing. Never lost a bottle of wine before. Driving me nuts.
Looking forward to my kids finding it in a box of christmas ornaments when they move me to an assisted living facility one day.

@loren.grossman actually snuck into your place and stole it, that’s the bottle he just wrote about.

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it was delicious dave. Thanks!


If it’s got any cred as a Santa Cruz Mountain Chardonnay, it should easily live for decades. Now where’s my last bottle of 1991 Mount Eden anyway?

Dan Kravitz

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High acid wines last forever.

There’s more Santa Cruz producers in berserkerday 14.

It’s my favorite region right now.

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Glad you liked the Wine. The Bates Ranch Cabernet is fantastic and there are more wines from Fabled SCM Vineyards like Peter Martin Ray vineyard coming out soon. @RobB made very little wine in 2020 due to fires so what he did make will sell out fast. They went big in 2021 and there will be many amazing wines from that vintage offered in the future. Currently in my top 2 SCM Producers along with Sante Arcangelli.

NOTE: Rob confirmed he will be participating in BD14. Woot!



Thanks for the nice tasting note and we are glad you enjoyed the Chardonnay! We plan on some great offerings for BD14 so stay tuned.

It was a great discovery for me. Really enjoyed everything I’ve tasted so far which is 3 Chardonnay and the Cabernet.