TN: 2018 Raventos i blanc de nit

First time trying this sparkler. Probably $25 or under that drinks more expensively. Little monestrell gives it a rose hue, but quite dry and compacted fruit is covered by the acidity. Really well crafted wine for its price point, plenty fresh and understated. No experience with this winery but I’d try any of their offerings without hesitation based on this bottle.

That is one of the good producers, in my experience.


Visited the winery back in 2014 (along with a bunch of other top bubbly producers of Catalonia). Raventós i Blanc is through-and-through great stuff, although I must say de Nit is probably the least pink rosé Cava I’ve tasted - at least those early 2010’s de Nits were so pale you really had to view it against a white backdrop to see any rosé hue! A lovely fizz all the same.

Love the stuff, every once in a while a bar or restaurant offers it btg in NYC.