TN: 2018 Massican Chardonnay Hyde Vineyards (USA, California, Napa Valley)

2018 Massican Chardonnay Hyde Vineyards - USA, California, Napa Valley (7/25/2019)
From vines planted in 1992, the 2018 Massican Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay is a direct window into grape and place. Dan Petroski handles the grapes a little bit differently than in some other Hyde chardonnays, with larger oak barrels (300 liter versus 225 liter), made with less aggressive wood that sees a lighter toast than sometimes used for Chardonnay. The wine does not go through malolactic fermentation, so it has a laser-like focus, with fresh, crisp fruit tones, and a mouthwatering, salty palate presence. The oak is not noticeable, expect for a bit of richness on the finish. It’s interesting to contrast this rendition of Hyde with something such as David Ramey’s version, which does go through malolactic and sees a more typical oak regimen. The Massican is the better wine for summer, and also for more basic preparations (someone bring me a plate of oysters), whereas the Ramey would suit a richer prep. I love the contrasts, and am happy to own both. The 2018 Massican has the depth for a number of years in the cellar, and that should cause it to unfold a bit, but it’s still a great pleasure to drink now.

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Thanks for the note David. I need to try the Chardonnay, sounds appealing. Have had a couple vintages of the Annia blend and enjoyed them.


Thanks for the note, David.

We met with Dan many years ago and had a lovely time tasting through his wines. Unfortunately, at that time, my wife was not drawn to his wines, so I never really bought any. Every year I would get a release letter and be close to purchasing, but would never pull the trigger.

Recently, our palates have changed and we are drinking more and more white wines than ever before. At this year’s Massican release I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a mixed case. Wow, am I glad I did! We drank through all of the wines in short order and were always impressed. I should have been buying this since the beginning. Great stuff!

Whenever I get a mailer I think “oh I have a bunch, maybe I’ll skip this one.” Then I look at CellarTracker are realize that I have almost no Massican left because I keep drinking it!

Have you tried his beer?