TN: 2018 Enderle & Moll Grauburgunder (Germany, Baden)

What a fascinating wine! Had the potential to be great, but…

  • 2018 Enderle & Moll Grauburgunder - Germany, Baden (8/28/2020)
    Stunning dark strawberry color that reminds one of a pale limpid 50 year old Nebbiolo. Nose is off-putting to me - too much yeast covers up what is clearly delicious red apple notes below. Palate is slightly effervescent and creamy with apple, strawberry, sweet grapefruit and chalk. It, too would be stunning but for the slightly lambic yeastiness on the finish. But, my oh my, aside from that, I don’t think I have have ever had such a positively different wine. And this is hardly my first skin-contact Pinot Gris/Grauburgunder. Excellent.
    Chilled, then decanted off the yeasty sediment and let warm up before tasting. (91 pts.)

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We were just in Baden and enjoyed most of the wines we tried.

Did you sample any Enderle & Moll? These wines are not your average Baden wine. Excellent Pinot Noir and lots of skin-contact whites. This Grauburgunder is worlds away from the very good (if never more than that) Ruländer that I enjoyed in the eighties.

Nope. Didn’t come across them. One for next time!

How about Laible? By far my favorite in Baden.

Nope! To be honest we were only there four days and we didn’t go very wine centric. (Family trip).

Bit the consistency of quality struck me