TN: 2018 Domaine Jean-Marc Bouley Pommard 1er Cru Les Fremiers

Immediately bright and punchy, with red and blue fruits, dried flowers, sandalwood and some smoky mineral action. The palate is the perfect amalgam of plant matter, fruit and all things geological. It is dense and powerful but light on its feet. Perfectly ripe tannins underpin everything and length is really good.


You capture the Bouley style well. They are unfussy and so easy to like, but they aren’t simple. Open for business early. Not your traditional Pommard, which in this case is a good thing!

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Just coming around to Bouley (a million years late I’m sure) and good to see these notes!

A 2010 was surly and angry at having been woken to early from its slumber.

I don’t think you are too late. The wines have gotten more expensive but there is still a ton of value for the quality. I have a feeling that 2020 pricing is going to look dramatically different and that now is the time to move on the recent vintages that are lingering on shelves.

Difficult to source this wine, where did you buy it from?

Woodland Hills had this for a couple of weeks but it sold out quickly. Managed to grab a bottle. Calvert Woodley in DC had the 17. There’s lots of other Bouley on the Woodland Hills website. Between reasonable pricing and very high WK scores can’t see these lasting long or maintaining pricing.

Biggest challenge for me is when to open, sounds like these drink well young but May be worth laying up for awhile and trying a village to get a sense of the style.

Perfect thanks!

Don’t be afraid to try the Rugiens as opposed to the Fremiers! Or the Chenes, Caillerets are Carelles if you are interested in the volnay.

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