TN: 2018 Detert Cabernet Sauvignon

Beautiful aromas of currants and a few floral notes. Ample acidity and surprising minerality. Cassis and chocolate on the palate. Super long finish. Lovely.

Decanted an hour but the first pour right out of the decanter was firing on all cylinders.


Thanks for the early tasting note. I’m eager to open one later this year. Was this a PnP situation or did you decant it for a few hours?

Decanted maybe an hour total; didn’t seem to make much difference. I poured a small pour from the decanter and it was firing on all cylinders.

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Detert is the cheapest cabernet sauvignon wine from To Kalon, isn’t?

I think there’s some mondavi that are cheaper, but the detert are real good. If anything these wines are significantly undervalued.

Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville, only comes to my mind that may contain “some” To Kalon fruit and may be cheaper than Detert but Detert should be 100% To Kalon fruit

Love the detert wines. Surprised a 18 was so open. Maybe they are coming around?

I believe the 2018 Double Diamond (Schrader) is 80% To-Kalon.

Probably more still open than coming around; last one I had a year ago was good too.

Every 18 I’ve had has been way too young. Clearly I’m just trying the wrong ones. 19s have shown way better early.

18 Materium was great last year