TN: 2018 Bedrock Wine Co. Sauvignon Blanc Judge Family Vineyard

  • 2018 Bedrock Wine Co. Sauvignon Blanc Judge Family Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County, Bennett Valley (12/19/2019)
    From the latest Bedrock release. Holy cow, from aromatics to texture to flavor to adidity this wine has it in spades. Another one of those “I wish I had purchased a case” wines. Well, if Morgan didn’t release 12 different wines last time maybe I could have afforded more. First World problems. Paired this wth John Ash Salmon Burgers and it was a match made in Heaven.

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Thanks for the notes, Brian. I’m in the same boat. I have a case coming today. Wish I could have afforded more.

Thanks for the early note Brian. I managed to pick up a 6-pack of these. I also bought a 6-pack of the “Staves” earlier in the year. I’m going to try and let one mixed 6-pack sleep for an additional year this time around. How did the Judge taste, more tropical or more citrus dominated? Cheers!

Both! Tropical on the nose and up front on the palate, citrusy on the back-end.

These guys are very talented…didn’t receive the initial offering, but was offered in the second offering. I still ordered 22 bottles, but unfortunately the SB wasn’t one of them. Hopefully I will be on the initial offering next year. Could I say offering enough?

OK, damn, I have never had this and my family loves Saivignon Blanc…off I go to Wine Searcher!

Curse you! [swearing.gif]

A double pox upon you…“My search produced no results.”


I stopped by the tasting room today and bought a 4-pack. They have it to ship.

I think it is also available at and at K&L.

Brian, tx for the write up, agree 100% with your assessment. Loved every Bedrock white that I’ve tasted, so much so that the last couple orders have had at least 25% whites in them. Would really like to see the albarino make a comeback. has the 14 and 15, K&L shows nothing.

oh apologies – i mistakenly was looking at the regular Sauv Blanc – not the Judge Family Vineyard. Apologies!