TN: 2017 Tement Ried Zieregg Morillon

  • 2017 Tement Ried Zieregg Morillon - Austria, Styria (10/14/2020)
    So…this is their best Chardonnay. What a lovely bottle of wine…there’s restraint, depth, power, and grace on both the nose & palate. While I only have two bottles left, I can’t imagine that I’ll have the restraint to keep from drinking them both within the next year or two. There is a hint of salinity that starts in the nose then lifts to reveal pear, lemon curd, honeydew, with a whisper of nutmeg & meringue. The palate is lean & light on it’s feet shifting effortlessly between honeydew mellon, kiwi, & green apple to lemon & lime zest. The finish is seamless and belies the love & attention the team at the winery puts into their wines…Outstanding!!! A wine to seek out if you value grace, elegance, and poise. This wine is a whisper that could easily be missed in a room full of chatter from other wines around the world.

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Sounds great! I have very little experience with Styrian wines in general.

That´s a pity. I´m visiting regularily, Southern Styria is only a 4.5 h drive from Munich, the region and the (best) wines are stunning.

Do you have any suggestions that are distributed in the US?

Tement is imported into the U.S. by Weygandt-Metzler and is usually considered the benchmark producer for the region.

Nice Kirk, I have not received mine yet, but look forward to popping one soon.

Living (mostly) in Germany I have no idea about US importers and their portfolio … sorry.

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