TN: 2017 Rhys Alpine Pinot Noir

Popped and poured from 375. Tarragon, limestone and white pepper on a reserved nose. Nice cranberry fruit, spicy stems and crisp acidic finish on the palate. Still a baby, even in this format. After 10 plus years on this journey with Rhys, I am leaning more and more to Horseshoe over Alpine for Pinot. It has similar complexity, but is just a little more giving.

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Same here. I love the sampler packs, but when it’s time to buy 750s I go Horseshoe.

Not me. I am alpine all the way. I opened a 500 of the 2017 with a friend in May and we loved it.

I prefer Horseshoe for pinot, Alpine for chardonnay.

I buy them both, and love them both.