TN: 2017 Henri Magnien Gevrey 1er LSJ

Dark fruits on the nose and deep color in the glass, but surprisingly light on the palate. Good depth, and nice acidity, with less obvious (or better integrated) oak than the cazetiers. Nice finish. Will revisit tonight. Nice wine, but not that much of a standout; drank pretty similarly to the 17 Esmonin LSJ at half the price.

Thanks for checking this out Michael. Caveats: we haven’t tasted the same wines (I tasted the '20s) and the pro critics seem to think that Charles Magnien is steadily improving his quality. But overall this does highlight a challenge of this producer - price. For a producer that was struggling not too long ago they’ve been very aggressive/optimistic about pricing. Such is Burgundy.

Oh, I like Esmonin a lot too.