TN: 2017 Henri Gouges NSG 1er Clos des Porrets St. Georges

Been seeing some very positive notes on CT so I decided to open an exploratory bottle of this after picking up 6 recently. PNP and tracked over about 4 hours. Initially a wall of oak and structure that seemed impenetrable but started to break through after an hour in glass, and really started to drink well after about 2.5 hours. Pure and dense red fruits, wet turn earth, mixed spices, red to purple florals, and black tea. Lots of structure on the palate but in balance with the rest of the wine, which I’m guessing will let this age really well. Excellent stuff with lots of pleasure to be had now with a lot of air, but I’ll try to wait 5 years for my next bottle. This should be stunning 2030+


Thank you for the early peek!

I used to call Gouges the Dunn of Burgundy. Word is that it’s softer now though still with adequate stuffing. As I’m “old,” I shy away from such producers. Actuarial tables insist.

When did Gouges become more “soft”? Tasted a 2006 Vaucrains a couple years ago that was showing well but clearly had lots of structure to still unfold. I have a couple bottles of 2014 Les Pruliers and a 2018 Vaucrains.

I’ve had both the 2008 and 2017 Gouges NSG Les St.-Georges blind in the past 10 days and couldn’t believe either was a Gouges when unveiled because they were both so approachable. For comparison the last Gouges NSG LSG I had was a 375ml of the 1995 about 5 years ago that still needed 20 years. Based on these recent bottles, I definitely need to put Gouges back on my list.


I have a few btls of the 2010 in magnum, will I be able to drink them in my lifetime or should I hope my daughter’s like burgundy?

Grabbed them very cheap probably grey market, without having any experience with his wines outside of the passetoutgrains and the regular bourgogne.

It’s superb. I haven’t had it for years but I bet it is drinking decently now and should be amazing by 2030. I love Gouges 09 and 10 — and really everything in recent vintages. LSG and Porrets are my favorites.

Same here for me…very, very few experience in NSG. I seldom go that far south for Nuits. If I do go south then I prefer to go further south and shop around Corton Hill. Some years ago I picked up 2 bottles of H. Gouges – N.St.G- Les Pruliers 10 ( 1102-4702 $69 with discount to $50 ).

Never have a chance to try one yet…

I just checked SAQ Web. Extremely surprised to find out H. Gouges…are way, way too pricey [wow.gif] at least for me for sure.

Inspired by the OP, I pulled a .375 of this last night…

“A charming little wine, slightly to the darker side of 17. Deeply pitched flavors on the nose, with some black cherry and soy. Nice mineral drive with black tea, a little red strawberry peeking in. It has substance for sure but could scarcely be described as hard. Perfect balance of acidity. This is a very nice wine from Gouges and not as coarse as older renditions I’ve had, even from 2015…”

Had a chance to meet Gregory Gouges in 2012 at Belle Pente. The 2007 NSG Les Pruliers was surprisingly accessible…for Gouges. Not every wine for sure. He picks and chooses based on vineyard and vintage.


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I’ve had this wine a few times recently and it is already outstanding. Should keep improving for years.

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Gouge’s Porrets is a sentimental favorite for me- the 09’ was my gateway wine into Burgundy. Just had the 19’ and as others have observed, it was tasty and wide open. Stern tannic grip and closed up? Not so much.

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