TN: 2017 Domaine Dupuy de Lôme Bandol Blanc (France, Provence, Bandol)

I am not going to lie, this is not the most incredible, mind-blowing wine out there. I am sure many would not bother to give it its own thread here after trying it. I however am so intrigued by the white wines of Bandol that I consider it my responsibility to spread the word. I certainly would not mind them becoming more popular and that resulting in at least a few hectares being taken off the rosé production and given to the whites. It was a great value too at 13.50 euros, roughly half of the Château Sainte-Anne’s price tag, in the Oenothèque de vins de Bandol. Do not miss the place if your holiday takes you anywhere near the town.

  • 2017 Domaine Dupuy de Lôme Bandol Blanc - France, Provence, Bandol (1.2.2020)
    This one had been recommended to me as I was looking for something in the same style as Château Sainte-Anne, which I think is the standard bearer of the appellation when it comes to greatness. While this is not nearly as grand an expression it was really superb with our dinner of scallops and risotto. The nose is quintessentially southern white; just very sunny with hard candy-esque fruit (honeydew, white peach), herbs, licorice and flowers. On the palate it is somewhat viscous with warmth that hints at higher ABV but surprisingly the label claims 12.5%. Not aromatic at all yet does not feel one bit thin in all its neutrality. Despite not seeming very acidic it does feel refreshing with a lip-smacking quality. A very competent food wine and while probably at its best in the middle of Provencal sunshine it also drinks mighty well at 2 degrees Celsius in January in Finland. Very good value.

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Noted for near term visit to the area. Any restaurant/lunch suggestion (including Cassis and environs)?

My track record with restaurants in these areas is rather unspectacular. That said in La Ciotat we rather enjoyed a joint called Kitch & Cook despite its name [snort.gif] No need to make it a destination but if you happen to be nearby it’s a solid choice.

Googled and not getting excited over restaurant prospects in the area.

However, made a couple of winery appointments and am looking forward to trying out the local whites, which is very rare in my wine experience.

I suppose for around $15US it is not a bad value, but buying Bandol blanc in the states will set you back around $30+. I tend to like them, but for the most part many remain not as interesting as their reds and are poor value propositions.

What Bandol blanc (US-available) are worth their local costs?

I can usually find a Bandol Blanc when I visit daughters in London. Soho a good place to find one.

Yeah, I don’t disagree with you there. Somehow I feel that while the coastal areas are naturally very much tempting the vinous and gastronomical highlights are way more easily found inland.

I can imagine that if someone bothers to import these wines it is likely in very small quantities by small companies so margins are bound to be on the high side. Certainly the whites are more of an acquired taste than the reds but if one is into the style(s) then I am not sure if the value cannot be there. The Tempier and Saint-Anne Bandol Blancs are probably some of the more expensive examples of the appellation but I think they are world class wines and offer something unique stylistically. That said I certainly would not pay $30+ for this thread’s bottle.

Funny that you mentioned, but those are the 2 wineries that I’ve targeted/requested to visit.

Awesome choices, I hope they shall welcome you. How about Château Simone? Apparently the welcome is not particularly warm but in my books the wines are some of the best in all of Provence. Clos Cibonne is another one with perhaps the best rosé in France.

Well, Tempier already responded, waiting for Sainte-Anne.

Can’t do any more winery visits, as need to (have to) balance with wife’s travel interests. Although, since we’ll be based in Aix, may try to do a quick sneak into Ch. Simone, even for just a few tastes at the tasting room (which I think they have).

Sounds awfully familiar, I have pretty much stopped visiting wineries when on holiday with my gf as I could never get out in less than an hour and she would be bored to death. Indeed both Simone and Cibonne have tasting rooms and if you are going to go to Ile de Porquerolles (recommended!) Cibonne is conveniently located.