TN: 2017 Domaine de la Pépierè Clos des Briords

Yes, for the record, this is the finest Muscadet I have ever had.

Just wonderful saline/stone quality on the nose with a light grassiness and some stone fruit, melon, and perhaps even a little mango. Acidity is perfect, with more racy, ethereal minerality on the palate and a touch of creamy structure from the lees. Nice fresh lemon/lime finish. I’ve read it can age beautifully and it certainly seems like it some stuffing to hold but for me, happy to have opened it now.

I wish this was as cheap as it is down south.

I opened one of these a few days ago. I stopped taking notes years ago but yours seems spot on except I never really get that much fruit or at least nothing that I can pin down. Regardless, I love this wine every vintage but do prefer the racier vintages such as this one.

After the recent 2014 vintage, the 2017 vintage comes next to “welcome you to the HAPPY side”.

A muscadet that can out-muscadet other muscadet.

For sure these wines can age. I just opened a 750 of 2012 Clisson the other day and it was drinking wonderfully.

2007 Clisson is still going strong.

The '14 is so good. Really like this '17 too.

For the folks that have had it with age, what is it like? Like Brian said, it’s not really about the fruit so I’d be curious to hear what the vibe is like with some years on it.

I’ve tried aging them. They carry along just fine. They tend to lose that mineral freshness to me. The fruit takes on that richer, more golden expression. But they don’t really transform or pick up complexity. I’m done aging them. That strong mineral expression is what brings me back to the Briords. Not all wines need to be aged to be considered great.

I loved the 2004 Clos des Briords, but it just recently started to fade :

Saturday, December 22, 2018 - Drinking like a pc Chablis!

Friday, November 15, 2019 - Lost the acid spine which I love so much

Could also be bottle variation but it stayed very nice for a long while in any case. Last of two cases; will be moving on to 2017 soon.

Thanks Cris & Barry. Like you said, what makes this wine great to me is the energy and lift so I wouldn’t want to lose it.

Nice note Sean. I have a single bottle of this I picked up a few years back when traveling to NY. I feel like I saw this on a pricelist of an agent, but I forget which one.

I’m one who likes aged Muscadet a lot, as long as it still keeps its acid. So some warmer years don’t age quite as well, IMO. The best ones get rounder, with more texture and a bit more complex, with a bit of a honeyed, waxy note that is almost Chenin-like. To me Muscadet is great on release and then to around 12-15 years, although I’ve had a few older ones that were still delicious.

Thanks for the note, Sean. I had this wine Sunday afternoon for Father’s day, and it hit the mark. Coincidentally, I also received the offer from LOPA on the 2019’s, so I reloaded on those. Never tried the Clisson before, but the Briords is so darn tasty. Another wine I doubt I will ever taste an old one as I can’t keep my hands off them.


This very nicely captures the texture and experience of the '12 Clisson i had recently.

Grabbed a 6 pack

It’s funny - obviously they’re all from the same geographical region, but when I was drinking it I was thinking “Chenin acidity and fruit profile, Sauvignon Blanc texture, Muscadet minerality”. That’s also what I enjoyed about this wine - seemed so of its place.

I’d happily buy a few bottles of either cuvée if I could find who the hell imports them here. A local store has the '18 for $43 CAD/$31 US and I’m considering grabbing it even if I know it will probably be less incisive.

I’ve had bottle variation. Among the purest aged Briords when on but some bottles seem tired.

I only have mags now. They were $23 on release. :slight_smile: