TN: 2017 Dauvissat-Camus Forest

super wine. Maybe a touch behind 2014 but real pure and a touch of menthol. I like the balance and length. More elegant than usual. A really good Forest.

Update an hour later: this wine is killing it. Fabulous.

So good. Sold me on 17s.

killer wine

Even that young? Is there any incentive to age it given premox risks?

as always, hedge, some now and some later.

Nice work Alan.

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I find these wines hard to shop for. On WS and then in actual online listings, it’s often very unclear whether it’s Vincent Dauvissat, or Dauvissat-Camus. In CT, each of the wines has a mixture of photos of the two different labels, and I’m not always sure people inputted their notes about the correct one.

Is this just me?

And how would you characterize the different (price, quality, style, anything else) between the two labels?

Always thought the wines were the same, just different labels (based on ownership of the vines by different family members). Neither to be confused with Jean & Sebastien Dauvissat.

If they last, I still think Dauvissat is much better at 10-15 years…

That’s what I thought as well. Apparently, there has been a lot of discussion on this on the board.

I just picked up a 15 Camus.

Chris - it’s the same wine. Here is a discussion: R and V Dauvissat and Dauvissaut-camus? What is the difference? - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

This post FORCED me to buy a few more bottles of this wine. The 2012 is on fire right now, so I can’t imagine I’ll regret having more of the '17.

one can never have too much Dauvissat. My biggest issue is drinking through them too early – it’s hard to keep my hands off and wait for them to age properly!

What is the track record on oxidation for these?

Are the new vintages under traditional cork or DIAM?

Thanks. I’m interested to learn more and maybe start buying a few of these.

There definitely is some instance of premox, but not nearly enough to stop me from buying the wines. I’m sure someone with more knowledge can weigh in re: closures, but a recent '15 Forest (Dauvissat-Camus label) was under traditional cork. They’re great wines.

This is my strategy, although I’ve been fairly heavily hit by premox in the 2008-2011 range. Haven’t really launched into much of the younger stuff yet to know if it is affected yet.

I have never loved Dauvisssat but a 1979 Les Clos a few days ago was a youthful quintessence of Chablis, in its modest way as great a wine as wine can be.

I have actually quit buying because of the premox issues, and the price, which has jumped substantially.

Just aheads up for those who are new to Dauvissat—they can go through a dull phase in middle age—say 3-7 or so years (a little longer for GC’s). I tend to try to leave them alone during this phase. Also the wines almost rountinely are drastically better with an hour or two of air. I try to think ahead and decant or double decant them if at all possible.

Has anyone had the '17 Preuses? Just picked up a couple of bottles.

I agree with the dumb phase after year three, but think they can drink exceptionally well if you can catch them right after bottling. 2018 Forest/Preuses were great last week. I’m a little scared by some premix issues with the 2011 vintage but have found 2012s to be spot on and without issue to date.