TN : 2017 Caroline Morey Chassagne-Montrachel Les Chaumees 1er

This is powerful, long and stacked. There’s some underlying oak for sure, but it has real richness and drive on the palate, yet retains a fresh, mineral back end. Has length to burn, but I really want to see it in 5yrs, as it’s still rather elemental.


I bought a 6 pack have 1 or 2 bottles left and recently reloaded another 6 pak which I will hold longer.
I think Caroline Morey is making great Chassagne. Much less reduction than PYCM

Another fan here. Thanks for the check-in, kent. I’ve got three bottles that are going to sleep a bit longer.

Nice wine mate.

Agree with that. PYCM seem to have varying level of reduction and phenolics. From limited sample set quite discrete styles despite ownership.

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