TN: 2017 Bergström Chardonnay Old Stones (USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley)

  • 2017 Bergström Chardonnay Old Stones - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley (12/17/2020)
    Bergström I’ve always enjoyed - old school, classic stuff. This has an undefined nose that moves into pineapple on the palate. Pineapple and coconut, which tells me this saw some American oak. I’m a fan of subtle American oak, but what’s left is not a good match with Chardonnay. Still, it’s not over-powering, but as it warmed up it became more prominent. I think if they cut it in half they’d have a winner - then it’d just be a very subtle hint. Now it veers into sunscreen territory, and that doesn’t work on fresher varieties, in my opinion. A red could take it, probably. Still, a nice wine. No complaints if this had been in the $20-30 category, but I know it was a bit more than that. (89 pts.)

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Adam what is the going rate for it?

It’s a $40 wine, somehow I remembered it as more than that.