TN: 2016 Young Hagen Pinot Noir Riddle Vineyard

Was fortunate enough to taste the ‘14 and ‘15 vintages of this wine a couple years back at Mending Wall alongside a slew of Rivers Marie wines when Will hosted FMII, Brig, Alan R and others. Nice to be able to keep the string alive and learn more about how this wine reacts to air. [cheers.gif]

Disclaimer, the wine was a gift from the winemaker after a business transaction.

Pop and pour and the first night it had an earthy nose, like cutting down a tree, limbing, cutting into rounds and splitting. Yeah, kinda like that. Black cherry, my wife said chewy, pine needles but still wound up. Recorked after dinner, put in the fridge and revisited a couple days later. Chewy transformed into crunchy and the fruit turned more red/cranberry and expressive while the earthiness backed off a bit. Real nice, don’t rush opening yours though unless you have patience to allow it to properly breathe.

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Thanks for the note Brian…I’m a fan of Tim’s YH Pinots and Chards.

While I haven’t had the '16, the '14 was similar…lots of pine and dark cherry and really great to drink. So good in fact that mine didn’t last past day 1 so I was not able to experience the changes you noted.