TN: 2016 Sandlands Trousseau Sonoma County

Every vintage of this wine really delivers and the 2016 is no different. Decanted this for an hour and glad I did, gorgeous aroma of crushed cherries, wild strawberries and rose petal. Flavors sure do follow the nose with cherry, strawberry, pomegranite, rose, orange peel and fennel. Mouthwatering acidity provides most of the structure but there is some tannin on the finish to tie the wine all together. The wine is refreshing, modest alcohol yet is concentrated with a long finish. Can’t ask for anything more from a wine, just delicious! I believe the fruit comes from the Bohan Vineyard better known for their Pinot Noir. Was a great match to some big bad pork chops. 12.7% ABV

Great note, love Sandlands!

Thanks for the note, Tom. I have a few in my cellar and have been wondering what food to pair them with. I have one now-any other suggestions?

Great tasting note!!

Does anyone know what the Bohan Vineyard Zin goes into?

It’s a medium-light bodied wine with savory qualities. Can pair with a wide range of foods, as you might a French pinot or cab franc. Pair with white meat, fish, cheese, NC bbq, or karaoke.

Agree with Joe, the wine has medium body and a balance of fruit and savory qualities, no hard edges. Those qualities make it versatile with a variety of food.


Thanks, guys.

Love these as I do all Sandlands wines. Thanks for the note Tom.

Thanks for the great note Tom! It’s spot on.

Like others have chimed in, I too love Sandlands and can’t get enough. The Trousseau is my favorite going back to the first vintage (2012). I buy all I’m offered and share whenever possible.

Reason number 342 that I love this site…hearing about interesting wines that I need to track down and try. Thanks for the note…and whom do I send the bill to?

My friend Kyle poured this (or an earlier vintage, I can’t recall) at a recent poker game and I adored it. How much does this go for off the mailing list? Also, what’s the typical allocation of this for mailing list members? TIA!

I can’t recall exactly but at least 6 bottles ea Trousseau, Syrah, Mataro, 3 different Chenin Blancs, Red Blend, Refosco, Mission.

Prices $28-$35

Thanks Brian! Just signed up and will cross my fingers for an allocation in the future.

6 bottles of Trousseau is not the typical allocation, unless you’re talking about a 6 bottle offer to new people on the list.
Blair there is a thread on this year’s offering that was in March. One offering a year.

I’ve bought since 14 vintage and was only offered 2 bottles of 14/16/17 and 1 of 15.

Like I said I can’t recall exactly. I don’t think I’ve ever maxed out anything from Sandlands due to all the individual wines. Guess I was off a bit.

My observation as someone who has been ordering since 2014 is that their normal allocation is 2 to 3 bottles of the Trousseau (although they did offer 4 of the 2013), depending on the vintage. In general, and especially for the reds, they don’t produce a ton of wines, so allocations tend to be relatively modest.