TN;2016 Saint-Damien Plan De Dieu VV CDR Villages

I grabbed 2 six packs of this wine to stock up my baseline wines in the cellar, I try to keep some CDR from good vintages with some age (6-8 Years) on the rack at all times.
I wouldnt normally waste words on these wines, but I feel I should bring this wine to your attention.
Lurid purple and shot to the rim. ripe fruit with good acidity and a promise for the future, IMHO will be drinking at its peak in 3-5 years from now.
Juicy blackberry with good length, 3 hours of air and this wine is coming together and would show up a few modernist CDP.
In reality I cellar wines like this so when my wife asks me for a couple of bottles for a lunch with her crew I have something on hand for the purpose, this wine is a crowd pleaser for sure