TN: 2016 I. Brand & Family Grenache Brosseau Vineyard

2016 I. Brand & Family Grenache Brosseau Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Chalone (1/30/2020)
Clear ruby red color. Nose is all red fruit and flowers. On the palate it fans out, and adds a note of cinnamon stick and a textural creaminess. Lingering gardenia and strawberry echo from the finish, and remain present. I normally don’t much appreciate varietal Grenache, but this is lovely, complex and enticingly light bodied. That such a light touch captures so much flavor is most impressive.

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Thanks, David.

How are the Cab Francs and Monte Bello Cabs?

Haven’t gotten to the Cab Franc yet.

I had one of their 2017 Cab Francs (dunno which) recently and enjoyed it. I didn’t take notes, but it was light, savory and took a while to put on weight. It was nothing like, say, Detert (which I love) or Rauffault (which I also love) but I think it shared more DNA with the old world than the new. Worth a try.

We had a Bates Ranch CF ('15 maybe?) during harvest. Light and savory for sure, but so much going on, lingering so beautifully. It also spoke well of the vineyard. Great stuff!

The Grassl Tasting Glass also worked very well.

Great note David and it sums up my experience the past few years with domestic grenache. I have not had this particular wine but several others have had that same expressive nose, fruit and spice without the interference of wood. Added bonus is they all had modest alcohol. Completely different style than “old world” grenache and nothing wrong with that. It is a varietal I now seek out.

Keep an eye out for the Jolie Laide version. It’s another you will likely enjoy.


The Cab Francs and Montebello Rd cabernets are excellent. The latest Montebello Rd release from Felom ranch vineyard eclipses the previous Vitovotch vineyard variation. The wine is more complex and rich than the previous vintages. This captures the essence of what makes the Santa Cruz Mountains cabernets so exciting. Both CF bottlings are also excellent and I prefer the Bates Ranch myself although I have all of them in the cellar.

I think the Besson Vineyard Grenache is even more to my liking. It has a better acidic balance to me. Birichino also makes an excellent version of Besson vineyard grenache. Great to see notes on Ian’s wines.


I cannot figure out how you order from that winery. Club membership only? Oh well.

I got mine last Berserker Day.

Just call or email. They will be glad to take your money

(831) 359.9834

I believe all these wines are in my local retail store. Or, at least many of the bottlings. Same broker/distributor as Le P’tit Paysan (Ian’s other wine) in my state.

This is my favorite post.

We are not so twee. Any ineptitude on marketing is because we are hose-dragging goons, not due to some uber-meta anti-marketing strategy. You get a hold of us and we’ll get you wine. Heather is spending less time on the winery, so it’s probably best to bug me, at least until we get a DtC manager in place. 831-212-3660 or ibvinification at gmail. I’m glad you all have enjoyed the wines, it’s been fun developing this interpretation of our region. Be sure to ask, we have more oddballs stashed about.

HAHA, I figured it was some ultra-chic “brand”ing strategy, making us want you more because we cannot get it!

Saw that Woodlands has the 2015 MB Cab nicely priced but I’d rather go to the source to try the Cabs and Francs. I recall Mike Dildine speaking very complementary of these wines. Will ping you by email.

This wine was just awarded Best Red Wine at the Big Sur Forager Festival I attended. The judges were very experienced and the crowd contained a lot of Big Sur Wine Festival folk so it was a meaningful win. Especially against Wrath’s rarer syrahs (not the less rare ones) and Flywheel from the Boer vineyard.

It’s possible the judges just pitied Ian because his one year reign as Winemaker of the Year had ended.

This is my favorite post!

I’ve tried to email to no avail.

The website looks nice, but I couldn’t find pricing anywhere (not just nowhere to order).

Lol. Ian, post a link for us to buy some shit. Stop being such a tease! :wink:

The Mourvèdre is fantastic- super old vine , varietal purity.