TN: 2016 Domaine Arlaud Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru Aux Combottes

Got a mix of several bottles sent several months ago from off-site storage - 1 to 2 bottles of several different wines (new and old) to try. I’ve been diving into the Arlaud wines based off of some recommendations and recent tastes. These wines are quite good IMHO… Wondering what others think?

2016 Domaine Arlaud Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru Aux Combottes: Opened and given air over 2-3 hours or so. Lots of earthy aromas and youthful punch to start. Floral tart cherry with silky tannins that really fanned out and showed that this 1er is built to give pleasure for decades to come. Packed in and balanced - dare a say that this is a house style that is really coming through?

Sounds great, look forward to some more Arlaud notes and what you find as a house style.

I love this wine. Thanks for the note Jon.

Love their wines. Not hard to backfill at reasonable prices with this Domaine.

What would be the signature holding in the Arlaud Premier Cru and Grand Cru holdings? Is their Bourgogne Rouge worth trying, if so, which one?

Not sure Kris - by the looks of it they make a Bonnes Mares, Clos St Denis, Charmes Chambertin, and CdlR. They also make an Echezeaux also under their negoc label that I’ve been allocated a few bottles that I’ve gotten over the past several vintages… I’ve only been buying these Arlaud wines since maybe the 2011 vintage or thereabouts (+ a few random domaine GCs from 2005) and have only had the courage to open one GC - the '13 Charmes Chambertin only because I randomly purchased x3 of the '71 Charmes Chambertin bottles as a part of a mixed lot at auction 4-5 years ago (these look really good and were well kept before getting to me) - I need to try one of these not knowing any of the history. Anyways, the '13 Charmes Chambertin was elegant and packed in there with lots of spicy tannins - built to like much more in 10+ years. The gevrey and morey 1ers have been nice surprises especially the MsD Aux Cheseaux which seems to be a great value for what I paid. I have some bottles of the '15 and '16 Bourgogne Roncevie that I need to try soon which will probably be better than what I’d consider to be a wine for cooking - hopefully :slight_smile:.

To continue on this, I drank a bottle of their 2012 Les Noirots from Chambolle this past summer at a restaurant. The elegance and depth of fruit and overall balance of the wine is remarkable. I am in the hunt to try more of their crus as the style is right on for me.