TN: 2016 Chateau Tronquoy-Lalande, Saint-Estephe - Awesome QPR

Too bad to hear that…I have a 6-pack that I have not touched yet, but was thinking about it…I guess I should wait a few more years before cracking one open

Wanna hear a shocker, Jeffois? I don’t even like the 2015 Sociando Mallet!

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I wasn’t a fan either, FWIW.

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It’s not shocking to me … You and ripe fruit are never going to be friends :joy:

Not sure what value added there is in adding a useless picture to this thread but gosh darn it, I took the picture so I’m gonna use it.

@Robert.A.Jr I got this on your recommendation as I was looking for weekday Bordeaux to go with different fare. We seem to have gotten this at around the same price (I paid 34 euros for this).

I had a glass of this straight out of the cellar and the nose was somewhat muted, the fruit was very shy and the mid-palate a little dilute. It goes to show, time and again, that serving temperature is a non-negligible factor. I decanted this and let it come up to temp. Inviting nose of dark fruits (cassis, plums and blackberry + brambles), tobacco, tilled earth and slate/graphite. Fine tannins with a slight grip, red fruited acidity but the fruit is a little muted on the mid-palate. Not a fault though because the savory tones take over at that point. Round and silky with a medium finish. Good wine. Good QPR.

I got a case of this and it will most likely get drunk in the next 18 months. And that was the objective.

@Robert.A.Jr good call on this. A little like the @dcornutt recommendation for the Pillot Les Gouresses, there is a guilty pleasure in hitting a QPR king. Thanks and cheers boys!


That’s cool, Phil! Not sure why, but I always love the pics.

Very good point from @William_Kelley on 2016 avaiability,
just ordered another 6pack so I can stash 12 bottles away


B-21 has the '16 for $36 and the '18 for $35.

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Amex offers has b21. Make sure you use it if you got it.

I ordered the '22 from zachys for $30 with their amex offer

When is the shipping season from B21? Like, one week in February?

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Leap year only

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So next year! Get ready! :joy:

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Just in case someone else was also looking for the 2019 Tronquoy,
they did show up in europe finally (and I just had to order some) :wine_glass:

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The 2010 Ch. Bel Orme Tronquoy Lalande [Haut Medoc] is the kind of cru bourgeoise I love. It offers full body, grippy tannin, 14% abv, and a dark robe at age 14 with a classic flavor profile with dense cassis fruit, and a wet slate character. Maybe a touch of licorice too. Perfect cork, no sediment. This bottle was brought over by MISA (i.e. Costco) as a direct import and was a great deal for a true estate wine. Perversely, it safer to buy this family’s wines (Bel Orme, Rauzan Gassies etc.) in the US rather than France, because the extensive screening importers/distributors do before committing their capital to a vintage is a great protection for the stateside slurper. The Quie’s have historically been committed to machine harvesting - which has it’s pluses and minuses - but as a practical matter it means that only the ripe, easy to farm vintages will make it to my market. I really enjoyed this given my Bordeaux weaned palate, but I can see the objections the more global consumer might have. B+ on the scorecard, with years of life ahead of the 2010 at this plateau. BTW this property is close to Sociando Mallet and a bit north of T-L down in St Estephe proper.

PS: I have not seen/tasted this since Morrells was bringing them over in the 90’s, but 2010 tastes better, but perhaps that’s global warming’s impact.

K&L Wines are offering the 2019 Tronquoy for $35 if anyone is interested…