TN: 2016 Château de Beaucastel Côtes du Rhône Coudoulet de Beaucastel

I had misplaced a 1998 at one point, only finding it much later, and it was still drinking fabuloso.

Basically these are CNDPs in their vigor.

I found a few of these in my cellar in early spring this year; they were misplaced. They have been consumed, with pleasure. [cheers.gif]

Do you guys equally like Chave’s Mon Couer?

I thought it was excellent in 2016.

I haven’t tasted the Mon Coeur since the first couple of years it first came out, over 10 years ago, maybe 20. For those first couple of years, because of the price and the name, I had it at a number of in store tastings. I was not taken by it. Maybe it’s gotten a lot better, but I would definitely pick Coudelet over it.

Never had that one. One of my favorite southern Rhône values, which has been impossible to find retail in the areas I have lived, is the Mordoree Listrac Reine des Bois.