TN: 2015 Zilliken Saarberger Rausch Spatlese

This was the first of my 2015 Rieslings. With all of the hubbub about how good they are and how long they will age, I was hesitant to touch them, but at some point I felt like I needed to be sure.

This wine is drop dead gorgeous. The nose eventually fills the whole room with honeysuckle, honey, and a touch of peach. The palate is both Rich and weightless at the same time, with in acidity that matches the sweetness so perfectly, I sort of lost my ability to find good adjectives to describe it, though somehow “bejeweled” and “filigreed” popped into my head, though I don’t think either is perfectly appropriate.

In any case, this was damned, damned good.

Hanno’s '15s were named best collection in Germany in the Gault Millau…congrats to him, in his “retirement” vintage!!

SFrohlich Felseneck Kab '15 and Prum WS Kab '15s have not disappointed over the past few days…



Hanno’s? Already Dorothee’s in 15…

I told you! There is no hype regarding 2015 Mosel, it´s a magic vintage. [drinkers.gif]

Of course Dorothee is the BOSS now, including vintage 2015.

Hanno was still officially on board in '15, now “retired” but never too far away…
Indeed, congrats to Dorothee as well!

Yes but it transitioned before 2015 vintage right? I remember them announcing it at the Auction in September as having formally occurred.

The transition at Grunhaus and Prum are interesting…