TN: 2015 Ulysse Collin Champagne Les Pierrières (France, Champagne)

  • 2015 Ulysse Collin Champagne Les Pierrières - France, Champagne (6/30/2022)
    Restaurant purchase at Zuni, because they were out of the 08 Vilmart Coeur de Cuvée. My first Pierrieres, and my first non-Maillons Collin experience. And only 2 days after trying the 13 Maillons. At the end of the day, I’m grateful the Vilmart was out.

This is the 2015 base, with 48 months on lees. Disgorged 03/2020.

Pours a pale golden, with a very light mousse, giving way to a softened, vinous structure that managed to still feel electric and full of energy.

From the jump, dominated by flavors of lemon — Meyer and zest — and vanilla, with a good mineral and stone backbone. A bit of marzipan and brioche, but this was less bready than I expected, while still being quite round — especially after a lots of air. Finished with a subtle hint of umami, reminiscent of a light shaving of parmigiano.

Couldn’t finish the the bottle at lunch, so I corked it and reopened several hours later. With that time this put on more weight, offering more leesy-pastry notes, and a suggestion of red fruit.

I must admit that I hadn’t been very taken with the wines of Ulysse Collin based on my experiences with Maillons, but clearly this is in another class. Outstanding! (94 pts.)

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I also had excellent bottles …
Champagne Ulysse Collin Pierrières BdB Extra Brut : 18,5/20 – 11/11/2017
Base 2013, dégorgé en 2017. Grand style pour ce champagne de vigneron succulent, crayeux, dynamique, redoutablement précis, magistralement véloce.
_Rappels :

  • Champagne Ulysse Collin Les Pierrières – 2/12/2016
    LG17,5 - AA18 - DS17 - MS17 - MF17 - FM17 - PR17,5
    Base 2009. Bel exemple d’excellent champagne de producteur, long, vigoureux. Goûts précis rappelant la poire et le fenouil. Le “base 2013” bu récemment au Bacaro était également une réussite notable.
  • Champagne Ulysse Collin Pierrières : 17,5/18 – 23/11/2016
    Superbe BdB, plein, avec du fruit de la passion On peut lui reprocher un boisé marqué._
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