TN: 2015 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

  • 2015 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (10/19/2018)
    Holy f*ck, this is spectacular.
    Dark black Pinot fruits on nose that show pureness, coyness and playfulness all at once; fragrant macerated blackberry with hints of raspberry, boysenberry and black plum. Deftly delineated with perfect balance,this wine epitomizes the Pinot Noir craft to a level few will enjoy, lofty and bouyancy with class and elegance, Thomas Ricers Brown proves with this single one little $30 Pinot Noir that a) it can be done and , 2) he can do it. Unbelievable feat for sure. I do not even want to type anymore… Time to enjoy… (95 pts.)

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Awesome! I only wish I could buy more of these every year!

Great note Mike, it sounds like these have settled in quite a bit since they first arrived. Time to revisit, maybe tonight!

Maybe I’ll drink my lone bottle sooner, rather than later. Thanks for the note.

When I tried the 15 soon after arriving (2 weeks later) I wasn’t as thrilled as some previous versions. I love them all for the price but some have warranted me wine searching and sending my friends in other states to buy up the remaining bottles for $30ish! Bottle shock possibly but glad to hear it is awesome. My favs are the 10,12,13. As AG has said a few times, they may be the best value in Napa.

Enough said.

Looking through the cellar tonight I dug out a 2014 Sonoma Coast and think about this note decided to open it. The glass is just exploding with cherries and cranberries on the nose, with a coolness to it. Raspberry and plum skin on the palate, just lingering there for 30 seconds. As noted above, how this can be done for a $30 Pinot without going over the top is exciting

TRB is pretty much god for both this wine and the SC Chard.

Agreed, popped a 2013 SC Chard last night that was stellar. No signs of slowing down.

While I respect Mike’s opinion, I was somewhat less taken with this wine. I’d give it another 12 months to sort itself out.

  • 2015 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (10/20/2018)
    Dark red colored with a bouquet of red fruit and spice. The flavors are rich, ripe, and significantly darker on the palate – boysenberry, blackberry and plum. There’s some wood char and while the signature orange rind is quite subtle, a green herbal note adds a savory element and enough acidity to prevent the wine from feeling weighty. Finishes medium and somewhat bitter and tart. 14.1%abv. Better with food, on it’s own the whole seems less than the sum of its parts. (86 pts.)

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I love the democatic ‘power’ of the tasting note. It’s actually why I still take the time to share them here.


I appreciate your notes and it’s what encouraged me to take this wine for a test drive. Ultimately I think you appreciate wines in a slightly larger scale than I do. Vive la différence.