TN: 2015 Patty Green Chardonnay Durant

Nice gold color, Meyer lemon nose with no evident reduction. On the palate, lemons and green apple, with a hint of pepper and other spices. The acid is evident but well balanced. Great mouthfeel and excellent finish. An excellent wine that is drinking very well right now.

This, unfortunately, is my last bottle of the six I bought (I’ve been drinking one about every 9 months or so) and the best. The very early bottles were awkward, but this wine has blossomed into something special. Kudos Jim!

Hey, hey. Shit, I haven’t had this in years. Thinking back on this and how rudimentary my understanding of Chardonnay picking and fermentation was back in this first vintage of re-introducing the grape to the cellar it is mind boggling. Glad it worked out. Will have to fetch a bottle and see why I think.

And that was a tough vintage to get Chard right as well. I’ve had so many that taste more like opulent/overblown Cali Chards.

I would have to look back at my notes but I would venture to say that were I to have the confidence in my decision making about this stuff in 2015 like I do now I would have picked earlier than I did. It does sound like it’s showing well enough that that decision wasn’t too off the mark. I think 2015 was a really good vintage for Pinot but tougher for Chardonnay but the potential for Chardonnay was vast although the window of opportunity was likely pretty small.

If I recall, you said that you picked the same day as Marcus did on an adjacent block. You can’t have been off by much!

Yeah. Maybe the day after. I bet he would have picked earlier now as well!!

Decided to go digging for one of these. It’s an interesting wine to me at this point.

I would describe the over arching flavor as a sort of fancy lemon-rind-for-a-cocktail thing. Maybe they lit it briefly with a match after squeezing out the juice. The acidity is still a little wonky. Not sure how that will resolve. I like the overall direction of this. I think what we’re doing now is an improvement as there is a fuzziness here and a little alcohol on it. That being said I think this is nice. Could be better and we’re doing better but this is interesting and nice.