TN: 2015 Joseph Drouhin Côte de Beaune Villages

2015 Joseph Drouhin Côte de Beaune Villages - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Côte de Beaune Villages (5/6/2018)
Not the best tasting note because this was on an airplane, but what a delight to have a wine like this as an option at 35,000 feet.

The quality of the 2015 vintage certainly shows, with plenty of depth, and a lovely combination of red fruit, spice and bright acidity in balance through the palate. Drouhin is so dependable, and satisfying across their range.

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Believe it or not, United. Business class. They were also serving Robert Weil Riesling Tradition, and that was fantastic as well.

Their 2015 Cotes de Nuits Villages is excellent if you can find it.

theres a place by me that seems like it continually produces new bottles of the 2001 and 2002 of this wine, and sells them for $25. its a crazy good deal

Savigny les Beaune 2015 is also a great value. I also just purchased 2015 Aloxe Corton, beautiful.

Can someone help me understand the difference between the “Cote de Beaune” and the “cote de Beaune villages”. The website says “ This appellation should not be confused with Côte de Beaune-Villages (a blend of various villages from the Côte de Beaune)“ but that doesn’t keep me from being confused

The former is more expensive and has a label that looks more like the Clos de Mouches. Have been really enjoying 13/16/17 and think it is a great value. But it’s not clear where the grapes come from

From the Drouhin site:

“this is a particular wine…comes from the vines of the Joseph Drouhin estate (1 hectares - 2.5 acres) as well as from the younger vines of Clos des Mouches and other Premier Crus of Beaune that have been declassified (a Beaune wine can be declassified into Côte de Beaune).“

I’m confused by the “particular site” and then the reference to other vineyards. So is the answer the grapes come only from

  • specific village level vineyard
  • other premier crus

The appellation encompasses the village of Beaune, think of it as a step between village and Bourgogne level. But Drouhin happens to declassify wine from better vineyards into their bottling and apparently has a vineyard at their location that goes into the bottling as well. Bottom line, a nice little bottling from perhaps an anachronistic appellation.

The old fashioned Clos des Mouches-like label indicates that it’s a domaine wine (ie all of the grapes come from domaine vineyards).

Got it thanks John. That is helpful and the most specific question I was trying to answer

Would you mind sharing where (via message if you prefer)?