TN: 2015 J. Rochioli Sauvignon Blanc Old Vines

This is as good as California Sauvignon Blanc gets. What other versions would you put in the conversation? Spottswoode, Araujo, Peter Michael? Rochioli claims this is from the oldest Sauvignon Blanc vines in the state of California.

Gold in color. 14.5% ABV. Gorgeous nose of stone fruits, grass and a hint of grapefruit. Medium to full bodied with exquisite acidity. Lush and rich with tremendous mouth feel. Lemon oil, pear, green apple and minerals on the palate. Exceptional length on the finish. For me this is the pinnacle of California Sauvignon Blanc. This should drink well for another 2-3 years.

My rating: 94 points.

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Cheers, Tom

Tom, Mondavi “I Block” should be in that conversation! Do you know if Rochioli still producing from these vines?

Rochioli sells the OVSB with their annual single vineyard chardonnay release.

Great note!

These are terrific wines.

They are also great at blind tasting because people think they are outsmarting the blind by noting the bottle shape.

Yup, a big fan! I actually like everything they make, though not my usual wheelhouse. I’ve never tried the chard–frightened it will be too oaky and heavy.

Seems like their estate wines are more rich and fruit driven, and the single vineyard offerings are much more restrained. At least that’s my impression with the past two vintages of their pinot/chard/sb.

Hey Mike. I know Rochioli is doing a lot of replanting. On the most recent mailer last week I read they had to remove their Valdigiue. I don’t know if that has impacted these vines. Otherwise, the 2021 should be released later this Spring on the Chardonnay mailer as indicated above.

Definitely agree on the Mondavi.


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I don’t know that I would put it in the same class as Rochioli, but Merry Edwards is up there as well. Terrific wine for many years.


^ I think they’re in similar class for quality but completely different styles. The OP in both of these imo were spot on. The Rochiolis I’ve had have always been zippy, roaring with acid and citrus and minerality vs the more rich and rounded barrel aged M.E.

Quivira make my favorite SB’s!!

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