TN: 2015 Hanzell Estate Chardonnay - why aging matters

  • 2015 Hanzell Chardonnay - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Valley (4/14/2023)
    Hanzell's Estate wines are supposed to be cellared, and this is proof why that's the smart move. Hints of flint on the nose over green and red apple, white pitted fruits. Texture is where this sings over prior tastings when the wine is much younger - nice weight and great silkiness, but filled with minerals, salinity, complex and seamless in transition, could be a dead ringer for some of the richer white Burgundy producers, to be sure. Beautiful wine

    Served with traditional pasta carbonara, using Smoking Goose guanciale, as it should be…


As it happens, we had a 2014 this evening. Very good bottle, not appearing to be anywhere near a decline, though I didn’t take any notes.

I have half of it left, maybe tomorrow I can add some notes.

Thanks for the note. These can age for a very long time, same with the Pinots. Some of the best domestic wines out there, IMHO.

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Here’s some aged Hanzell. :sunglasses:

  • 1979 Hanzell Pinot Noir - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Valley (7/13/2019)
    Blind: Guessed early '80's Ridge Monte Bello.

    For me, the nose was dominated by "oak" and I use that term loosely because I wasn't sure, could this have been aged in Redwood? There is light plum fruit, cassis, and Dill. It finishes with a Carmel note. Rioja? American oak? What, Pinot Noir!?! Schooled again.
  • 1980 Hanzell Pinot Noir - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Valley (7/13/2019)
    Blind: guessed early 80's Ridge Monte Bello

    This was paired with the '79 and it was much more youthful. You could tell it was old by the light bricking and the mushroom nose. Fruit was more pronounced with a touch of mint, cinnamon and white pepper. A great example that wine is alive and ever evolving in the bottle, nobody got close to guessing PN. Great experience.

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Going to be tasting there at the end of this month. Very curious and excited, especially after listening to the most recent Bedrock podcast.

Hey Todd! Thanks for posting your note on the 2015. Glad you enjoyed it!


I had the 2013 a couple months ago it was okay I’m not sure I’m a fan of that kind of style.

At least I’ve got another to try