TN: 2015 Enfield Wine Co. Cabernet Sauvignon Waterhorse Ridge

  • 2015 Enfield Wine Co. Cabernet Sauvignon Waterhorse Ridge - USA, California, Sonoma County, Fort Ross - Seaview (1/5/2021)
    When I want a wine with a distinct nod to the old world, I often reach for a bottle from Enfield Wine Co. John’s efforts with Cabernet Sauvignon do more than just nod to the old world, they are imbued with a soul that speaks to soil and spine. This particular bottle has a core of cool fruit, herbs and spice, that never ventures near overripeness. The texture is a little bumpy, the road not perfectly paved. There’s a touch of green in the mid-palate, reminding me that not every Cabernet has to be supple and rich like compote. The edges give definition, handles to grab onto, and a signals to an evolution that will still show form, rather than settle into a bland carpet of richness. My love for this style of wine is based on a relationship where the wine is a full partner, rather than just being subservient. It can participate, even challenge in the conversation, and not just nod its head in approval.

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What a beautiful tasting note, David, thank you for posting. Damn near poetry. Sounds like a great wine too.

It’s delicious, but definitely old school.

I think it’s pretty much the best Cab Sauv I’ve had. I can’t recall a single one I’d rather drink. Not only that, I’d like to drink it every day.

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Wow David - what an amazing tasting note, Thank You! I love the concept of wine as a partner, not just subservient. No wonder we are on the same wavelength!!

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Such a well versed note, beautiful.