TN: 2015 EMH Cabernet Sauvignon Lady Sapphire (USA, California, Napa Valley)

2015 EMH Cabernet Sauvignon Lady Sapphire - USA, California, Napa Valley (5/7/2019)
Solo bottle, so I figured why not give it a decant, and see how it goes. Results were extremely positive, even if there is a long future ahead for this bottling. It has an extra gear, even beyond the EMH Special Selection, and at the same time it’s also more approachable. Dark cassis and black cherry, vanilla and spice accents, and very well managed tannins made this show well from the get go. It also deepened as the evening went on, showing more richness, but never heaviness. It was a great match with my steak and sautéed mushrooms. Now, how to find more.

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If only the owner of the winery can be found somewhere nearby!! :wink:

The 2015 Lady Sapphire is a single-barrel bottling named after my favorite cat, Lady Sapphire. It previously housed a 2013 Black Cat wine, so was made from wine of a once-used French oak barrel.

I always look and hope for an outstanding barrel in each vintage, but only with the 2014 Sparkles and the 2015 Lady Sapphire have I made one. These barrels show themselves right from when they are put in barrel, and regardless of who tastes them during the time they are in barrel, they are always special wines.

It is really fun to see a wine like this emerge - you can’t will it. It takes full responsibility for itself!