TN 2015 Chiron Candor Cabernet Sauvignon

Opened and into a wide body decanter. Brambly fruit floral on the nose. A dark extracted beauty. Times below are after open.

2:30 - mocha, coffee, eucalyptus, red berry, hint of violets, distracting sweet note on the finish. Tannins are there but not intrusive 88 pts
3:15 - The distracting sweet note is gone, the nose is coffee and scorched embers, but the palate has gone somewhat muted with minimal purple and faint red berry fruit, tannins have receded significantly. 88 pts
4:15 - Coffee notes have resolved, candied fruit nose, hint of perfume, rose, faint burnt embers, cherries evolving on the palate complimenting red berry fruits 92 pts with 94-95 potential

Took a flyer as this was a Beserkerday X purchase and definitely a great find and a good buy. Will be buying the 2016.

Calling Bobby Moy . . .

Took a flyer on some of those as well. “Rhapsodic Inflorescence” Rosé from Grenache. Was quite different from most and far better, without the melon and bubble gum that a lot of Grenache-based rosé can have. Bright acidity and clean finish. Nice stuff. The “Unfamiliar Truth” was a straight-ahead ripe Grenache that reminded me a lot of a Rhone with dark cherry notes and fairly soft tannins. In fact, I drank it with a Rhone on the same night and they were a good pair. It’s a producer worth looking into for sure.


Glad you like them, especially since you called me out as a reason for trying them. That’s a bit too much pressure for me, my friend! neener

Oh hey guys! This is great to hear! The 2015 “Candor” is going to be fantastic in another 6-8 years. And as Cromwell showed, decanting for at least a couple hours is necessary. And Greg, it’s great to hear you enjoyed the rose (equal parts g/s/m)…which I wish I had more than six bottles left. I have decided the rose market is too saturated for me to keep making a token 50 cases. It’s not worth the effort when I can just buy my case of rose from Larry every year…which is the same style/quality/price. The 2015 Grenache is from Paras Vineyard on Mt. Veeder. If you like the style you should look into Relic and Stellareese who also source from there.

I’m currently in the Labor and Deliveries department at Santa Rosa Kaiser with my wife. Who is in labor with our first child, a son! So, thank you Larry for the holla on this thread. I look forward to hearing more tasting notes and thoughts from the Berserker community.