TN: 2015 Château Lanessan (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Haut-Médoc)

Posted this in the Puerto Rico relief thread, but since there is interest in the direction of Lanessan, I thought a stand-alone TN made sense.

2015 Château Lanessan - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Haut-Médoc (12/16/2018)
First bottle from a case purchased for $14 a bottle on futures. It’s really hard to beat Lanessan from a value perspective, and the 2015 continues the string. Maybe it has a touch more oak than prior vintages, but it’s still a classic, close to old school Bordeaux. Moderate ripeness, solid tannins, and a fair touch of finishing austerity hit the mark for me.

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Thanks for the note. Is this a tester? Are you laying the rest down for a few years?

What are your thought on its drinking window David, I grabbed a case OP.

FWIW, I’m beginning to open wines from 2000. In another thread, I posted on having a shortage of drinking companions, and not liking to open a rare, expensive wine with bottle age that won’t be as good the next day.

2000 Lanessan ain’t rare
2000 Lanessan wasn’t expensive
2000 Lanessan is every bit as good on day 2 as day 1… different but as good. What is lost in freshness and impact on day 2 is made up for by politeness.

I haven’t yet bought 2015 Lanessan, still have a ~2 cases of pre-2000s. I can’t imagine opening 2005 any time soon, will probably try 2009 before that. My last full case is 2010, but I’ll go for 2015 and 2016 in the Fullness of Time.

Dan Kravitz

I should buy another bottle to try. I wasn’t thrilled with the first one about a year ago. I found it simple and I wasn’t even sure I would guess it to be Bordeaux if I tasted it blind. I am a fan of the producer though.

Yea I’m in that camp too, Jeff. I ended up doubling-down on 2014, which I really really like. David has a killer palate so worth trying again. I will.

You must be wrong, given Rolland’s presence. Please amend your note.

It’s not Rolland, Counselor. It’s your buddy Hu.


I concur!

I think folks are seeing the boogeyman more than he is actually present.

This was obviously Bordeaux, and not ultra modern Bordeaux.

And to answer a question above, this was the first of the case. I’ll let the rest sit a while.

I opened my first bottle of the '15 tonight. Nothing seemed amiss from my perspective and it seemed very much of a piece with the '14. If anything, it seemed slightly less polished to me than the '14. Nothing amazing, but very decent and just needs time to fill out.