TN: 2014 Ultramarine Rosé Heintz Vineyard

I wasn’t planning on opening this, but just grabbed something that I knew would be good and compelling after opening two white wines which were both not sound (no, not premoxed white Burgs, for a change)

Anyway, wise men and women will leave this alone for a while and let it stretch its legs and settle in a bit. I’m not that wise when in a hurry as I was last night.

  • 2014 Ultramarine Rosé Heintz Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (6/16/2019)
    Opened my last bottle of this in a rush after two whites were compromised (oxidized white Burg and corked Arcadian). The color here is cool: rosewater-ish- pink-salmon color. Very present summer fruit, strawberry and raspberry flavors. Very snappy. Refreshing acidity that cuts through and really invigorates. Finishes with just a touch of mousse and some creaminess. Needs to round out a bit. Leave it and watch it grow if you have some.

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Similar to my thoughts on the 2014 BdN. Needs some time to come together.

Yep. Not a good mix for those like me that tear through these with reckless abandon!

Can someone help me with the insane hype for these wines. The auction price on CT is $173 and Wine Searcher shows a couple of retailers selling it for $225-$299…WTF??

I really like the wines (especially 2013), but I don’t get the insane hype.

Occasionally tempted to let mine go when I see those prices the past year or so.
Agree with you and David.

Thanks for the note Dennis. What I really like about the Ultramarine sparklers are that they have both the raw material for aging and improving but still have the balance for an early look, especially on a warm evening when that exuberant youth is quite refreshing.

Tom (guilty of Ultramarine baby killing)

Right on, Tom. That captures my experience yesterday on a 90 degree late afternoon!

I have been buying from early days on allocation. My price has been $55-65.

They are as good as CA sparkling gets and the bottlings are really limited. The price makes sense to me?

It’s free market and all, so it is what it is… but let’s see… Cristal or Krug or Ultramarine??

would be nice to try one, but the secondary price puzzles me…

I haven’t opened the shipping box yet. I rec’d 2 sets which translates to 2 BdB 2 BdN and 2 Rose

Russ is talking about the secondary market.

This is the they type of patience and self-control I lack. [cheers.gif]

I get it. I’m sometimes tempted to turn over my stash for the profit but I love em too much. My favorite wine! That being said, I wouldn’t pay double digits for it.

My wife has Ultramarine on her auto-approved list. No dirty looks when I buy as much as I can get.

The whole Michael Cruse line-up is incredibly solid. The Cruse petnats are lovely and makes for great summer sippers or aperitifs, winos and non winos alike love em.

Even the still reds and chardonnay from his Cruse label punch way about their price point. The Carignane is straight Christmas ham and strawberries.

More relevant to the topic, we’ve had Ultramarine going back to the 2010 vintage and they have all surpassed expectations. Well worth the list price IMO but yes, the secondary price is whacko

PS: Anybody else try the 2014 Ultramarine still Pinot that was released a few years ago? I really wish that was a regular offering as it was awesome!

Based on this podcast I just saw pop up there is definitely hope for more still PN from Cruse. It looks like they have done a number of dinners and events together recently.

Also interested in TN for the ‘14 still Pinot. Been holding my sole bottle to compare with the ‘14 sparklers which I’m trying to give at least a year from disgorgement.

And secondary price seems to fluctuate quite a bit. Sent a few to KL and they’re hammering (this month) for just a bit over $100, nowhere close to the wine searcher pricing.

Around the holidays they seemed to be going for 50% higher (lesson learned).