TN: 2014 Turley Zinfandel Kirschenmann Vineyard (USA, California, Central Valley, Lodi)

2014 Turley Zinfandel Kirschenmann Vineyard - USA, California, Central Valley, Lodi (5/9/2019)
Largely similar to my last bottle, this had rich red and blackberry fruit, some spice accents, and good balance. My issue was that after two glasses I needed a nap!

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Nice note David and the alcohol can do that. Trust me :slight_smile:

I had a 2012 Bedrock Kirschenmann Zin that was a revelation for me. All red fruited, very claret in style. For me a perfect zin. Every other Kirschenmann zin I’ve had since that 12 Bedrock has been very good, just not the same “lighter” style for lack of a better descriptor.


Agreed - that 12 Bedrock Kirshenmann was incredible. Prob my favorite 12 Bedrock to date, which is a pretty big complement as Morgan killed it in that vintage.

That vineyard and those that usually make wine from it kicks out very structured, medium bodied spicy wine. Very Rhone(y) type wine. Big fan! It’d not your typical jammy, glycerol, fruit bomb Lodi Zin.

Yes, compared to your typical Lodi zin. Having said that I also think wine from Kirschenmann is delicate to the point that it can be more easily altered or disrupted by things like pick time, winemaking technique, oak treatment etc.


Any idea why Tom? You seem to know the area/vineyard well - would love to hear your thoughts around why Kirschenmann differs from other similarly framed lodi vineyards

Rich, I actually don’t know much about the vineyard other than like you it yielded a beautiful perfumed 2012 from Bedrock and that the vineyard to known for that type of expression. Knowing that its possible doesn’t mean its easy to accomplish or even if its the desired profile.

Vintage likely plays the biggest role, example 2017 with its crazy heat spikes compared to 2018 with its LOOONG moderate growing season. A winemaker likely couldn’t make the same wine from a vineyard from those two years even if he (she) wanted to. Other factors such as oak treatment surely come into play.
Also, I don’t want anyone to think other Kirschenmann wines I have had were off in any way. They were not. All have been excellent, just that for me that 2012 Bedrock is on another level.

Just for s**ts and giggles it would be fun to try a Kirschenmann Zinfandel made with all old barrels. Discussions like this is what makes this hobby so much fun and interesting [cheers.gif]


Gotcha! Yep, I’m with you on the above, and will probably pop a 13 Bedrock Kirschenmann soon to check in and see if it captures any of the magic that the 12 did. Havent tried a Turley or Carlisle version yet but hopefully will soon.