TN: 2014 Sine Qua Non Gallinita (USA, California, Central Coast)

  • 2014 Sine Qua Non Gallinita - USA, California, Central Coast (4/6/2016)
    50% Grenache, 25% Mourvedre, 12.5% Syrah, 12.5% Petite Sirah….open in bottle for an hour and a half……PRETTY brilliant rose color….GORGEOUS nose of smoke, strawberry fields, crushed cherries, dusty exotic wood spice……exotic nose…reminds me of a young Vosne Romanee! Definitely big for a Rose…but I’ve seen bigger……the flavors from the nose translate to the palate….very bright and crunchy acidity…tart and sour….awakens the richness. Not the perfect of balance though….15.9 alc comes through a little strawberry martini-ish…but not too too much heat. The Rhone varietals add some interesting flavors….smoked underbrush, stem funk, garrigue, spice box, dried roses……definitely a spice and heat kick on the finish! A Rose to drink and ponder with each sip like a red……tasty……and just so dog gone FUN! (93 pts.)

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You know, at this point, I automatically open your TN’s for the fabulous pics, then comes the prose!

Thanks for a glimpse into another world!

Really? I open the notes because I like living in a state of raging jealousy. :wink:

Thanks…my kids always ask why I have so many pics of wine on my phone…and so few pics of them??? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Yeah, I think there are a number of us that live vicariously through Buzz and his cellar. Oddly enough, it’s not just the wines, but the passion I respect most.

Buzz, I often enjoy your daily drinking Chablis posts just as much as the Salon and Screaming Eagle notes, so keep posting!

That’s why my phone is password protected.

Day two shows a lot more heat fwiw.

:astonished: Forty thousand bucks down the drain!

It’s one of the more pretty wines I’ve had, in terms of color. On the palate, it’s a solid and interesting wine sharp red fruits and a long finish (at least for this style of wine). Calling it a Rose is not doing it any favors as its a completely different wine than a summery-wine from Provence. That being said, it’s a fun win to drink and would be fun to serve in a bind tasting.

Looking at the top of the bottle I see a bottle of Heitz Martha’s '74 in the background. Full or empty?

So this is the 14 ‘rose’ - when was it released? And how long was it in oak or stainless?

15.9%? Yep, I probably wouldn’t refer to it as a ‘rose’ either. And can or did you try this at room temperature or only at cooler temperatures? Curious . . .


50% Grenache, 25% Mourvedre, 12.5% Syrah, 12.5% Petite Sirah. 75% Eleven Confessions Vyd, 13% The Third Twin Vyd, 12% Cumulus Vyd. Aged about 10 months in tank and used barrels. Bottled unfined and unfiltered on 10 July 2015. Alcohol 15.9%. Acidity 5.90 g/L. Finished pH 3.67. Just shipped this spring.

Thanks Bob - exactly what I’m looking for.

Do you remember the retail price on this - not that it matters, just interested.


It was $150 per 3 pack, first come…sold out pretty quick! I chilled it in the fridge…but ideal temp was probably around 58 degrees or so. The heat was much more noticeable day two. [cheers.gif]

Thanks for the reply, Buzz. Greatly appreciated.

And IIRC, you tend to lay one or two of those down for awhile, right? Curious to see how they ‘develop’ over time.

Am I gonna see you this coming weekend at HdR? Hope so . . .


Well…almost 3 years later…the nose and palate are as before, still gorgeous and exotic…showing a vibrant youth…BUT…that gosh darn alc burn is more prevalent than before. DOUBLE Strawberry martini…disjointed and edgy. Doesn’t kill the wine…i’m prob a little more sensitive to the heat than most…but it does distract. Shame…as the pretty Rhone flavors and aromas are to die for!

It’s almost enough to make you conclude they should have harvested the grapes earlier.

Miss you man.


My note - hardly poetic, but accurate.

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IIRC, the pricipal fruit notes were strawberry, but there was some citrus as well, which was a surprise.