TN: 2014 Reichsrat Von Buhl Forster Pechstein Riesling Großes Gewächs

2014 Reichsrat Von Buhl Forster Pechstein Riesling Großes Gewächs - Germany, Pfalz (5/29/2016)
Focused mineral and crisp tree fruit with a squirt of citrus juice. This makes a convincing case for the virtues of austerity.

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Very pricey in Berlin these wines. I’m yet to try one.

An impressive rebirth for Von Buhl indeed…
It will be quite interesting to see how things unfold there over the years, some fireworks to come for sure.

For the longer haul picture, im psyched to see what the pechstein sekt will produce…not to be disgorged for another 6-8 years, but…

That is probably my favorite wine that they make.


Bill, do you mean the still Pechstein? As far as I am aware, the bubbly one hasn’t been made before, and the first vintage is still 6+ years away from release. If it is your favorite wine, that would be remarkable…?

Hi Robert,

No, they’ve been making it. I’ve had many bottles of it when I lived there. Like I said, it is for me the most interesting wine that they make and one of the best bubblies in the Pfalz. There is some Pechstein character -in fact it’s probably the only Forster Cru suitable for making bubbles outside of some plots of Ungeheuer and Musenhang.

Here are some CT notes (not mine):

Do you know how the old regime aged the wine, in terms of years prior to disgorgement etc?
I mistakenly presumed that the new ownership’s placement of the former Bollinger chef de cave as winemaker that the bubbly program expanded in that direction.
Does anyone else make cru specific bubbly in Forst that you know of, Bill?

Hi Robert,

They definitely used to be released sooner -I want to say that I was drinking 2009 or 10 in 2013. Generally Riesling Sekt is disgorged more quickly than the Burgundian varieties to preserve some of the freshness and primary fruit and floral aspects of the grape, so 6 or 8 years is really something different.

There are several single cru Pfälzer Sekte, probably not too many in Forst that are labelled as such though I know that Eugen Müller makes Riesling Pechstein Sekt as well.


Ranked 4th place at the “BerlinRieslingCup” with 94/100. Also received 94/100 from a respected wine-magazine a couple of weeks ago.

What a coincidence, last week the CEO Richard Grosche send me a CARE-package incl. 2013 Deidesheimer Riesling. What a surprise how great this Riesling developed, impressed me with refinement, brilliance and minerality. What a steal for 11 Euro.
Buy it if you can find it.

Or buy the 2015 version, also great.

In general, buy 2014 PFALZ, strong performance in this vintage from this region.